About Us
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God Bless The U.S.A
  The Ne Ark Shopper is an Online Shopper's Guide, and
Advertising Service, for Business Owners of  Osceola and North East
Arkansas. The Most
Convenient & Inexpensive way to Advertise
on    the Internet. We Advertise the Ne Ark Shopper by Email, Postal
& Brochures, Which Are Placed in High Traffic Locations, Around
the Local Area. We also Advertise on the Internet with Yahoo
Search Marketing, Google, Yahoo Locals, Show Me Locals,
Arkansas Super Ads & Yellow Pages. Face book,Twitter. My space
The Ne Ark Shopper was Established in Feburary 2007
Web Site.
You Can Now Shop online from your home, At Over 1,000 Stores
For Millions of Products.
You can find  local business listings on this website, and also listings
in several States
There are many Google ads on this site where you can conveniently
shop online.
We have discount coupons where you can copy and
bring them in to the local store and receive a discount on selected

"We Thank Our Customers Who Have Advertised with us over
the Last few years.
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